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 About Us

Mainstream Gold Self-Awareness Solutions is an offering of SELF-AWARENESS TOOLS and SELF-CARE PRODUCTS that support and expand your own TRUE ESSENCE in everyday life.  This offering is an experiential approach (learning by doing and reflecting on the experience) to self-awareness and energy renewal that brings out the best in yourself and your surroundings with relative ease.


Discover SOLUTIONS to everyday challenges by being AT ONE WITH THE CORE.


The Core Perspective – A Still Point of View

The Core Perspective – Game of Substance

    Including: The Core Perspective – Game of Substance, Facilitation

Putting the Game of Substance into context and accelerating your experience of the enlivenment of core consciousness.

The Core-Focused Renewal System

    Including: The 30 Day Inner Alignment (I.A.) Challenge

Putting The Core-Focused Renewal System into context and accelerating your experience of energy renewal & its effects.


Providing a boost and much TLC.  The products are also in celebration and support of the magnificence of our Mother Earth.

Thank you for visiting Mainstream Gold Self-Awareness Solutions.  Consciously tuning inward and deepening your self-awareness and core conscious is an experience full of ease and vibrancy.  Tuning inward and self-reflecting is essential  for  the connection to your higher self, for transformation and for optimal levels of health and well-being.

Mainstream Gold Self-Awareness Solutions has been created with the intention of  offering a supportive presence for  those who are making the conscious choice of tuning inward and self-reflecting on a regular basis and building their alignment to their core within.

The primary focus is on supporting higher levels of self-awareness while interrelating with children. Putting the needs of children first, puts ourselves first at the same time. Engaging the flow of core consciousness in everyday life while interrelating with others of all ages is of utmost importance as well.

The Core-Perspective – A Framework for Self-Discovery  includes two components that complement each other – The Core Perspective – Game of Substance and The Core-Focused Renewal System.  Together they define core level foundations, ensure a systematic awakening to your own true essence and support individual potentials.

The Core Perspective – A Still Point Of View offers an overview of my own personal experience of awakening and provides research, discoveries, introspection, and more into the substance of the core.


Specific Intentions


  • Stimulating the natural desire that lies within yourself to seek a conscious awareness of your own life force energy, energy body or subtle body.
  • Providing tools and a support system to help with developing your own understanding.
  • Allowing each person to rediscover for themselves how tuning into their own energy body, their own senses, and aligning to their core allows them to support and enhance their own health and well-being, renewal, growth and expansion.
  • To enhance the flow of core consciousness and the knowing of who we truly are deep down inside.

My sincere hope is that Mainstream Gold Self-Awareness Solutions will provide a supportive presence for anyone who can imagine a world where each and everyone of us tunes inward for guidance.  Who can imagine the incredible expansion of “all that is” that will manifest by allowing that which is inside of us out into our world for all to enjoy.

My Background


I was born in Vancouver, B.C., raised in North Vancouver and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1983. I was married in 1984, had two boys by the age of 31 and divorced by the age of 34. It was at this time of change and uncertainty that I experienced an extraordinary experience of awakening.

During this time of uncertainty and great need for answers, I reached out to the unknown for help. I let go of any preconceived notions and in doing so I felt a very large energy shift/surge within and without of myself that lasted for quite some time and  carried much.  I knew then that I had to consciously embark on an inner journey to seek understanding.  Before this personal journey began I had no conscious awareness of my energy body, my personal guidance system, or the world of “hidden knowledge”.  My level of conscious self-awareness was minimal.  I had taken all that I “knew” up to this point for granted.

My personal journey which began over 20 years ago has led me through many learning experiences. First and foremost it has allowed me to raise my two sons at  much higher levels of consciousness and enjoyment than I ever thought possible.   Self-discovery has allowed me to become more “in tune” with my own guidance system, my energy body, my core within, my “child within”, my true essence, and what this means to my own health and well-being.  I  graduated in 2009 from a three year program at  Langara College, Vancouver, B.C. as a Certified Integrative Energy Healer and have been developing The Core Perspective tools and messages ever since.

I now “tune in” regularly using The Core Perspective Self-Awareness Tools.  I refer to the book The Core Perspective – A Still Point of View, play The Core Perspective – Game of Substance and periodically use The Game of Substance, Facilitation, engage The Core-Focused Renewal System using The 30 Day Inner Alignment Challenge, refer to Self-Expressions, and use the self-care products offered in The Inner Beauty Shop  to support myself as needed.  My intention now is to appreciate each day, focus on expanding my inner core where I feel good and to clear  the way to higher levels of ease and vibrancy in everyday life. To enhance my ability to see and act from this place of knowing, to trust in the unfolding and to enjoy the process of renewal, transformation and manifestation. To know that everything happens for a reason and continue to look for this reason and to grow.

My hope is that Mainstream Gold Self-Awareness Solutions will provide a supportive presence for others who are being drawn to this connection…the frequency of their inner core and the experience of Oneness in everyday life.

I welcome questions or comments  in the Self-Expressions part of this website.  Expect a response within one week via a posting back to the Self-Expressions section. You will automatically receive an e-mail directing you to the posting.  This posting will be added to the library and will remain anonymous.  You can also e-mail me directly at

I hope that this site will be supportive and motivating as you make the choice to become more self-aware, more core conscious and to bring your wholeness and your uniqueness into everyday life!

Yours truly,

Sandra Zaruba, B. Comm., C.I.E.H

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