Renewal System

Refreshing, Re-Energizing & Renewing!


Refine your true nature through the knowing of children and the knowing within.

Creating space for children  –  Creates space for yourself

Giving time to children  –  Gives time to yourself

Believing in a child’s inner guidance – Allows you to believe in yourself

Know yourself, be true to yourself and trust in the unfolding.


Early on as I looked inward I opened up to an energy that carried with it a new way of seeing things for myself. I especially saw my two children differently, they were under the age of 7.

This new way is the understanding that we all have our own “energetic” internal guidance system at our core. Children need to remain self-aware and core-focused. They need to remain connected, in a balanced way, to their own core within to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives and to fulfill their destiny or potential (as do the adults in their lives). The desire to share my own personal discovery that could be the most easily understood and applied in daily life brought about the creation of these Guidance Cards.
In particular these cards always point you in the direction of your core within in order to help root out thought and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving you. In the process you are able to open up, clear and deepen your inner core to allow for the healthy and balanced flow of life force energy along with increased true clarity.

The Cards also empower you to open your heart to an enhanced approach when “seeing” yourself and others. The Core-Focused Renewal System which includes the three additional tools: The Back to the Basics Guide to Energy Awareness, The Back to the Basics Workbook for Energy Renewal & The Back to the Basics Workbook for Core-Creating, is designed as an added supportive process for conscious energy balancing, core-focused renewal and core-creativity and manifestation.

The Basis of this System:
  • That the flow of life force energy and solid core values go hand in hand.
  • That we come into this life with a “knowing”  at our core, of these values.
  • That the balance and flow of energy determines our own level of health and well-being,
The Intent of this System:
  • To rediscover the relationship between life force energy and solid core values.
  • To rediscover your true essence.
  • To believe in yourself.
  • To enjoy your uniqueness.
  • To move into who and what you are becoming…to manifest your destiny.
  • To trust in the unfolding.
  • To support the children in your life to do the same.
The Focus of this System:
  • To energetically allow  the root of a current question, issue, problem, challenge, or desire to emerge.
  • To support the natural shifting andrealigning of your energy body that will occur as a result.
  • To support the conscious awareness of  this shifting, how it is being reflected in your current level of health and well-being, and how it is being manifested in your current reality.
The Components of this System:
  • Back to the Core Within Guidance Cards – Creating space/openings/expansion  (activating responses rather than reactions). This is the “key ingredient” when interrelating with children.  Interrelating with children involves a high level of “response-ability”.
  • Back to Basics Guide to Energy Awareness – Creating balance within (activating conscious energy balancing). Working with your body’s natural motivation for balance.  Helping you to consciously understand and to become aware of what you already know.
  • Back to the Basics Workbook for Energy Renewal – Developing depth and inner strength (activating the connection to your driving force and your solid foundation).  Use pressure/growth situations to connect with your core values and your core,  in an effort to keep moving forward in your life in a solid way.
  • Back to the Basics Workbook for Core-Creating –Embodying our core as we create (supporting the process of manifesting our heart’s desires).  Use desires that come from your heart to manifest the life of your dreams.  The exercises help you to generate the feelings/vibration of joy in relation to your desires and help you recognise the ways in which you are still in resistance to them.

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