The Core Perspective - A Still Point of View

The Core Perspective - A Still Point of View
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Date Added: 05/30/2020

The Core Perspective, A Still Point of View is written in an engaging and enlightening way. The progression of chapters, are logically laid out and the use of the authors own experience and subsequent compilation of information are carefully written providing the reader with an all -encompassing experience. The author has incorporated the accompanying Core Perspective resources including The Framework for Self – Discovery in a way that introduces the reader to these resources and enables the reader to visualize their own use of these personal awareness amplifiers. The author has incorporated a diverse plethora of enhancements that augments areas of self -awareness, true personal core exploration with the addition of many tools to aid in the journey. The flow of the book is excellent and this book may be read multiple times as with each reading, new clarity is achieved.
by Lisa H.
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