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The Core Perspective-Game of Substance - In Brief



The Core Perspective - Game of substance is a game  that takes the players on a journey within and without along the path of the spiral while  having fun, strategizing and learning how to develop  a strong sense of self. The goal for the players is to gain the highest substance level during the duration of the game.  Substance level as defined in the game is depth perception (energetic depth value multiplied by true clarity value) plus material value.

The game allows the players to-

Engage 29 values of the core through choice and see how each core value amplifies certain aspects of the self and builds depth when we connect with them.

Test their core consciousness or deeper self-awareness through the knowing of these core values and other aspects of their energy body.

Work with patterns (thought and behavioral) that they might pick up along the way that are slowing or blocking their progress via choice, clarity and opportunity.

Acquire value $ bills and to know how accumulating material value compares to developing depth perception.

The journeys come to an end when one player reaches the final choice along the path of the spiral and decides to rest.  This player will choose to rest if he or she thinks that they have won the game.  The player with the highest substance level at this point wins the game. (If played with partners the winning team will have the highest combined substance level).

Total substance level (as defined in the game) equals depth perception (energetic depth value  x  true clarity value) +  material value.

Good luck to all players as you embark on your journeys along the path of the spiral and discover the infinite aspect of the core!  

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