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The Encompass - A Short Story


The final frontier is the space within...

 The Encompass symbolizes  a clear sense of direction and a clear path to follow for all those who are "tuning inward" and seeking self-awareness.

The outer ring consisting of the letters M & W symbolizes men and women standing side by side in harmony with each other. Neither one controlling the other, thus they both have minds and beings of their own. They are connected solely by a bond of love. This bond of love establishes a ring of protection and love around the children so that they may be nurtured, supported and guided.

The C in the centre of the Encompass represents the children. In the eyes of the children, the "grown ups" are their universe. Loving adults allow children to consciously nurture, develop and enjoy their natural true loving natures. The strength and depth of this ring instills confidence in all.

As men and women learn to live in harmony and equality first and foremost it not only provides a model for the children, it expands our understanding of the term to love. As we bring this expanded awareness of love into our daily lives it automatically opens the door to deeper insights and a heightened awareness of "all that is".

The Encompass reflects this unfolding. The C is created by the eclipse of the sun. The centre of the Encompass, therefore, represents the universe….the sun, the moon and a star. We now begin to realize that we are all connected and we begin to feel a great sense of purpose.

With a renewed sense of purpose, we begin to realize that "tuning inward" is where we develop our higher levels of awareness, or what has been termed as “hidden knowledge”. The encompass reflects this further unfolding…..the sun, the moon and the star now represents the third eye.

Once you arrive at the realization that full sight is comprised of physical sight as well as insight you are well on your way along the path of self-awareness. The art of developing “true sight”, although challenging, is very empowering, fulfilling and exciting. You begin to develop a greater sense of understanding and acceptance of "all that is". As each and every one of us seeks higher levels of self-awareness & core consciousness the Encompass represents global health as we all shine in our own way.


Men and women together with love and with minds of their own create the miracle of insight.  The power of insight is a reflection of the strength of the individual.
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