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The Core Perspective-Game of Substance-Insights


In the game if you land on an insight you receive varying degrees of clarity.  How do we land on/connect with an insight in everyday life?  To do this we just need to tune inward, to look at ourselves, to listen to our inner voice, to engage ourselves, in order to receive insights that are always available to us.  As you receive insights you are developing more clarity in varying degrees for yourself.  In the game insights appear as the eye along the path of the spiral.  insights are assigned different clarity levels from 1 to 3.  Level 3 being  a breakthrough level. True clarity level is the key.  Your clarity level is reduced by the number of patterns currently in your vibrational mix that no longer serve you.  These patterns are creating energy blocks of varying density levels (1, 2 or 3) just waiting to be dissipated and cleared

As your true clarity levels increase you are rewarded with growing depth perception or in other words growing extra sensory perception (ESP).  The reward of ESP is well worth the effort it takes to receive it.  This process is referred to as being enlightened or being illuminated. You are also rewarded by being able to sustain the experience of Oneness that is available within the flow of core consciousness.

A high level of true clarity plays a large role in attaining a high substance level during the game.  These gifts of clarity are often referred to as the "clair gifts":

claircognizance-clear knowing
clairvoyance - clear seeing
clairaudience - clear hearing
clairescence - clear smelling
clairgustance- clear tasting
clairsentience - clear feeling

The following are examples of insights received and the resulting clarity gained:

I  see that I am unique so I know to respect my own space and the space of others.
I see that my happiness is a choice so I know not try to control the behavior of others in order to find happiness. Expressing my personal truths is an important part of the process.
I see that power struggles are lose, lose so I will always find another way to interrelate with others.  Creating space is often the solution in the short term and perhaps the long term.
I see a person wearing a "mask" and not being real.  I know that their energy system will be compromised and so will be their views.  I try not to get blindsided by not seeing this aspect.
I see a dense energy block in another person and I know why I feel stifled or disturbed.
I see the ease of the situation and I realize why I feel expansive and hopeful. I give thanks for this blessing.
I see that we are opposites so I know to create more space between us with a focus on creating more ease.
I see how my actions are affecting another and I make adjustments to bring situations closer towards balance.
I  see my desires manifesting before my very eyes and this increases my trust and acceptance of the unfolding.
I see that I need to dissipate/clear a few patterns of behavior within myself as I can't feel my way forward as easily as I have before.

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