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(from the game package)

The core is the central, innermost, essential, foundational part of all life.  The energy of the core is pure, infinite, bright and vibrant and is infused with a knowing of solid core values.  The spiral is a sacred symbol that reflects the pattern of growth and evolution that emanates from the core.  The core is love.  Be love.

The Core Perspective is a game about evolving in a balanced way through the connection to your core within...from the inside out and from the outside in.  Each player begins with an original energetic template, or personal inner core, which holds an energy depth level and value of 1.  As you journey along the path of the spiral, you will be wise to make choices to connect with the energy of the core in order to expand your depth level and value.  As you venture along the path of the spiral you will encounter these choices often.

You will also land on insights that bring valuable levels of clarity and even breakthroughs.  These insights may bring wake up calls and the unexpected.  Along the path you will also encounter blocks to your progress as you land on patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you.  Depending on the density levels of these patterns they will slow your growth and expansion to varying degrees.  These patterns may also allow for core consciousness tests and select opportunities, however, that could actually enhance your progress.

You will also be given many opportunities along the way to acquire value $ bills in order to build your material value.  You will soon realize that as you build your depth perception, or energectic depth and true clarity values, your opportunities to build your material value will increase as well, and of course your substance level which is the goal of the game.  Substance level as defined in the game is depth perception (eneretic depth value multiplied by true clarity value) plus material value.

Good luck as you embark on your journeys along the path of the spiral, attaining your highest substance levels possible during the duration of the game and discovering "the infinite aspect of the core"'!


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