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The 30 Day Inner Alignment (I.A.) Challenge


As quoted from the I.A. Questionnaire: Inner alignment (our personal energetic balance and level of connection) is based on the following premise:  

The core is the central, innermost, essential, foundational part of all life.  The energy of the core is pure, infinite, bright and vibrant.  The energy of the core is infused with a knowing of solid core values.  It is the place within.

A consistent focus on your inner core for 30 days using the 4 self-awareness tools of the Core-Focused Renewal System will create a noticeable shift in consciousness. You will develop a sense and an understanding of how your energy is flowing, renewing and balancing.  You will also develop depth perception or extra sensory perception and get glimpses into the world of conscious manifestation.

To view the details of the challenge please request the pdf that describes the challenge in full detail in The Inner Beauty Shop. 

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