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The Core Perspective - Game of Substance Facilitation, Inside the front cover (page 2)


Welcome. Firstly let’s acknowledge the energy that is coming into play as you turn your focus inward and towards the Game Of Substance.

Now let’s focus on energy flow

As quoted from the Back to the Basics Guide to Energy Awareness:

The depth of knowledge and understanding of the physical body and the energy body is limitless, but even a basic awaraeness of both can enhance your life greatly.  The overall concept to be aware of is that your "system" is governed by homeostasis (a natural regulator that seeks a stable, constant condition, equilibrium and balance on a moment-to-moment basis). (page 3)

Energy is the vital force in the body. For life to flow freely, energy must flow freely. All energy is one, and within the one, there are many different forms. Energy moves through the three relationships of positive, negative and neutral phases. These phases arise naturally and spontaneously. Movement supports stillness and stillness supports movement.

Now let’s focus on stillness

The stillness within motion is the place where you both begin and go back to, and at the games end, to rest. It is your center, your home position, where you deepen your connection to the flow of core consciousness and build your core level foundation. Your home position holds the vibrational frequency known as the natural tuning of the universe. It is peaceful, harmonious and healing. Your center is a glorious place to be and is yours to build, sustain and enjoy.

Now let’s focus on movement

Throughout your journey along the spiralling path of your core within, you will encounter both “positives” and “negatives” and you will turn to the place of stillness through the freedom to choose your focus. As you choose more often than not to turn to your core within, you will rediscover that the deeper part of you is love, and is at one with the core.

As quoted from The Core Perspective - A Still Point of View:

The spiral is a sacred symbol that reflects the pattern of growth and evolution that emanates from the core. The core is love. Be love. (page 23)

Now let's focus on support

The Core Perspective offers up a practical framework to support your free flowing energy body which includes your strong, deep and clear center by consciously engaging with 29 solid core values in a select way in everyday life. The fact sheet included with the game shows the basic energy relationships between your core energy system and these select 29 solid core values.

As quoted from The Core Perspective - A Still Point of View:

The core is the central, innermost, essential foundational part of all life. The energy of the core is pure, infinite, bright and vibrant. The energy of the core is infused with a knowing of solid core values.
It is the place within. (page 7)

The flow of life force energy and solid core values go hand in hand. This “match made in heaven” creates a “knowing” system of self-discovery. (page 13)

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