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Today,as I sat in the sunshine I went within myself looking for some answers to a challenge
that has been with me for a very long time.  I sat with the process for approximatelly 40 minutes, within that time period alot of things came up for me to look at.  I was able to feel the heavy energy shift and clear it out.  A couple of hours later I wondered what card I would have drawn for myself to work on today, I drew a card and this is the card
Card # 26------As I develop more clarity & peace of mind for myself, I inspire the children in
my life to do the same.....
As I go within for answers I realize that this is where I receive my true guidance and clarity.  I realize that as I continue to look inward I am offering this option to the children in my life
as well.  I realize that children will naturally embrace this inward approach as they observe my own behavior.
I can testify that these guidance cards are exceptional, for the challenge that I was working on this afternoon was to do with myself and my children.
I will now use them everyday as I have been shown how important they really are to those who are looking inward.
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