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Guidance Cards - An Overview


Dear Fellow Seekers

One of the most important things that we can do for ourselves and for children is to allow children to be themselves. In doing so children REMAIN connected to their core within and we in turn get brought back closer to our own.

It is the intention of these Guidance Cards to provide daily affirmations that will encourage and inspire us to connect with the wealth of “knowingness” that lies at our core. That this connection brings abundance into our daily lives including: Energy, a sense of personal well-being, clarity, balance, growth & power. Above all it brings with it a sense of great joy & appreciation for children and a deeper connection to life itself.

Draw support from these Guidance Cards as you reconnect with the “knowingness” that lies at your core. As you allow more “feeling” into your life you will soon rediscover that you are much more than what you “think” you are. Take some deep breaths as you witness the “miracles” that will begin to unfold for you right before your very eyes.

Feel free…

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