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ESP - Your birthright & your natural gifts


The needs and benefits of developing your own  extrasensory perception are many.  The ability to raise, relate to and love the "sensitives" (many of them labelled ADHD) demand this development in particular.  ESP or heightened clarity can be broken down into the "clair" gifts:
claircognizance-clear knowing
clairvoyance - clear seeing
clairaudience - clear hearing
clairescence - clear smelling
clairgustance- clear tasting
clairsentience - clear feeling

The beauty of the clair gifts is that you already have these sensitivities at the core of your being.  You simply need to uncover them.  This requires core energetic exercises to clear any blockages and to strengthen your inner core and to consciously engage in energy balancing to increase and smooth out the flow of your own life force energy.

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