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Lust vs Love-Q&A How come some people generate lust?


How come some people seem to generate lust? How can I protect myself?

The people that generate lust usually know that they have this affect on others.  Their focus is usually on getting their own way, or to control the behavior of another.  The best way to protect yourself is to shift your focus to the character of this person.  If this person's actions are not aligned with their inner core of goodness then you would be best to remove yourself from their space.  If you choose not to remove yourself then you would be wise to remain conscious that you are engaging the drug of lust and you could become addicted to this person for an undetermined amount of time.  The question that needs to be asked each and every time with any kind of drug is this:  Is the short term "high" worth the risk of addiction and possible destruction of yourself?

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