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The Core Perspective-Game of Substance-Patterns


There are many, many patterns of thought and behavior that exist in our daily lives that if left unchecked create energy blocks and reduce our true clarity levels and the flow in our lives.  They can be referred to as unconscious ways of thinking and/or doing something or "fear" patterns.

In the game they are referred to as patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve.   If left unchecked for long periods of time, perhaps generations, they become known as chronic and can create very dense energy blocks. 

The game has density levels of 1-3 representing the differing longevity of the patterns.  Overlapping the density number is written the core value (s) that would be needed to connect with in order to remove the pattern by dissipating/clearing the block.  Once dissipated your true clarity level increases.

The following is a list of 50 common "fear" patterns that many people can relate to or have observed in others.  These patterns are best to be reflected upon and dissipated/cleared on a regular basis, opening the door for the new to take hold.

over achieving
under achieving
over eating
trying to be somebody you are not
pleasing others at your own expense
short sighted thinking

pleasing yourself at others' expense
spending beyond your means
polluting the environment
resisting change
criticizing others
blaming others
not taking responsibility for your actions
thinking that your way is always right
living in the past or future

justifying bad behavior
tuning out using drugs
turning a blind eye
judging others
believing everything that you hear
projecting onto others
remaining in your comfort zone
living through others

self-defeating talk
making the same mistake over and over and expecting a different outcome
being cruel to others
being angry throughout the day
speaking over others
tuning out and pretending to listen
reacting rather than responding
putting work first before children
seeing children as possessions
doing the same thing, but looking for a different outcome

taking advantage of others who are vulnerable
pushing "your weight around"
thinking that your reality is all there is
not taking your own advice
thinking that saying "do what I say, not what I do" is effective
stubbornness at the expense of others
thinking that children should be seen and not heard
thinking that you are not an eternal being
thinking that others are more important than you are
listening to others rather than your inner voice

Three examples to consider:

Patterns with density levels of 3 that remain in your vibrational mix:

Pattern: Pleasing yourself at the expense of others

In order to clear the energy block that this pattern of thought and behavior has created you may need to amplify/connect with the following 3 core values in order to have the block dissipated and cleared: 



Personal truths

Pattern: Thinking that children should be seen and not heard

Core Values needed to clear it:




Pattern: Projecting onto others




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