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The Core Perspective - Game of Substance Facilitation


The Facilitation  consists of an 8 page document that allows players to take the game a step further. It puts the game into context and accelerates the experience of the enlivenment of core consciousness.  The facilitated games, require one person to be the facilitator and are intended for those who have played the game many times and would like to go deeper into what the game has to offer.  Facilitated games also build a bridge to The Core-Focused Renewal System.  These two Self-Awareness Tools compliment each other. You will also find a discussion on how to maximize your own facilitor skills.

The document includes a brief description of the following as it relates to the game:

Energy flow




Vibrational frequency

It also includes:

A self-guided journey founded on The Core Perspective

5 Exercises related to:

Your Third Eye Chakra

Residing in the stillness of your core within




To receive the Faciliation document please request the pdf in The Inner Beauty Shop. 

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