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Vibrationally Speaking-08/01/12


The Key to Renewal & Self Mastery:

Develop A Strong Inner core!

Inner core Muscles:
transverse abdominus
pelvic floor

Inner core Energetics:
energy ovals
energy centers 
central channel

Inner core Quality:

Inner core essence:
(core values)

core of the core Vibration & "Colour":
Om / Starlight
(pure consciousness)


"The use of your strong centered self or core self to help elevate yourself and others is the opposite of being self-centered and failing to look inside ourselves, into our cores, for deeper meaning and guidance.
We want to build our core to perform for specific purposes, to sustain higher levels of energy and well-being. If you are working for a higher purpose, it's easier to focus on that as constant motivation. Unlike many people in our self-centered society, we each want to be a centered self, or core-centered, using these values as fuel for our daily lives and to obtain long-term goals."

-excerpted from core Performance Essentials by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams

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