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Vibrationally Speaking-07/01/12


The life force energy that flows through and around you needs to be consciously acknowledged and renewed on a daily basis to remain vibrant and healthy and in turn to maximize your overall health and well-being.

Throughout life we are often asked to grow to bring about renewal. This requires us to change patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer serving us. Vibrationally speaking these patterns of thought and behavior can be seen as energy blocks. The longer these patterns have been in place the bigger and heavier the blocks, but at the same time, the more potential energy that is being "held back".

As you breathe through any uncomfortable feelings that growth and change bring about just keep in mind that the rewards are great to meet the level of inner work and challenge of renewal.

As your energy blocks are dissipated/cleared the energy that was once your "potential", is converted into your expanded state of "success" and your enhanced level of health and well-being.

We all want more energy in our lives. The mere act of focusing some of your attention on your energetics system, your subtle body, will bring this about.

Respecting the comfort zones of others, as well as, your own brings forth growth, renewal and an enhanced flow of life force energy for all.

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