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Vibrationally Speaking-06/01/12


Prana is radiant energy. It is the life principle in the air and in the blood. It is the breath of life in the body. It is literally the "Manna" from heaven. It can not be stored, but must be gathered anew, every morning and every moment, with every breath. It is this radiant energy which keeps the body buoyant, vigorous and healthy.

Prana is Nature's mother that keeps the shell of matter pliable. The more elasticity and pliability present in an organism, the greater the Prana contents. That is the secret of "flaming youth" or the Fountain of Youth".

The softness and tenderness of brain and nerve tissues are good examples. All young life is extremely flexible and endowed with unusual energy to play and romp.

When the shell or body of matter gets too dense, too stiff and resistant to the subtle flow of life currents, then it starves for lack of Prana, and perishes.

-Dr. Randolph Stone

One great way to renew and enhance your Earth Element/Root Chakra/Water oval/red colour energy is to be in gratitude for your own unique physical body.

Since the earth energy sphere governs your sense of smell, another great way to renew this energy sphere is to go out and smell not only the roses, but every other beautiful scent in the gardens around you.

A third great way is to enjoy the scent from all of your essential oils in all of your body care products & diffusers.

Building up your earth energy and connection to Mother Earth improves your overall satisfaction with life itself and enhances your own health and well-being in many ways.

"Nature is, after all, the only book that offers important content on every page."

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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