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Vibrationally Speaking - Our inner core


As we focus on strengthening and expanding our inner core, we create within ourselves a place of peace which we can go to at any time. At the edges of this peace within, I have noticed that I can connect to and energize the cells of my physical body. This is the deep place within where energy meets matter. The biophysicist, Joyce Whiteley Hawkes describes this “innate healing ability” as cell-level healing. I also like to refer to it as cell-level rejuvenation.

With a vibrant inner core that flows with ease, combined with meditation and visualization we are able to consciously recharge and rejuvenate ourselves from within. This is a natural process, but as we engage the complexities of life, consciously supporting this process is most beneficial.

Hundreds of years ago the poet Rumi put words to the mystery of the interconnectedness of soul and body or in other words energy and cells, when he wrote, “Soul, a moving river. Body the river bed.” Cell-level healing and rejuvenation occurs at this interface of energy and cells. To reach this deep place within one must know of the river (energy) and the river bed (physical body). The key to the river is to maintain its free flowing nature. The key to the river bed is to maintain its healthy composition.

The basics of maintaining a healthy physical body include a balanced diet with herbs & spices, good sleep, clear drinking water, fresh air and moderate exercise with stretching. How we engage this balance is a matter of conscious choice in the “modern world”.

The basics of maintaining a free flowing energy body include engaging our main energy spheres in a balanced way through connecting to core values, meditation, visualization, crystals, aromas, colors, sounds/chanting and positive affirmations. How we engage this balance is a matter of conscious choice in the “aware world”.

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