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Why do I always feel dissatisfied with what I have?


I wish that I didn't want for so much. It always makes me feel dissatisfied. How can I work on this?

During the process of living an engaged life we must remember not to worry or focus on outcome, but rather focus on the feeling that we are seeking within in the present moment and then allow things to unfold.  The key is that through some area within ourselves we begin to feel better, good, satisfied, peaceful or whatever feeling we are seeking within. During this process we are taking responsibility for our own happiness and our own personal choices.  Our focus needs to be on how we wish to feel and not on what we think we need in order to feel good.  As we expand our moments of feeling good we are connecting to the flow of Universal consciousness and this opens the door to receive all that we have asked for and more.

Contrast gives us the information that we personally need in order to feel good.  If we experience something that makes us feel bad then we know more fully about what makes us feel good in the present moment.  It is not our place or responsibility to judge others and situations, but to focus on what makes us feel good.  By doing this we are expanding the goodness in the world...and on and on it goes.

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