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How does balance or imbalance work within relationships?


When you are involved in relationships, acceptance is the key in the present moment.  For example a person with a lot of soul connection, but who lacks in personality may be more subdued.  Enjoy the goodness and stability.  A person with less depth or soul connection, but who has much personality may not be as subdued and stable, but will exude much spirit.  Accept less stability and enjoy the verve.

Conscious awareness leads to acceptance.  Acceptance itself can lead to positive growth.  Resistance/power struggles leads to dis-ease and depletion.  Trust in the unfolding that your acceptance will bring.  Know that you will be working with the Universal Law of Engagement and how this will manifest is beyond your control, but trust in the knowing that it will be for the highest good of all.

The key is to focus on engagement not perfection.  How engaged are the individuals in their own life and in their own being?  How awake are they?  How does their own balance affect yours?  Are you at a compatible level of engagement with each other in order to create a harmonic balance together?

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