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The Core-Focused Renewal System - Vision and Overview


Mainstream Gold Self-Awareness Solutions

Intention:  To support the cultivation of deeper self-awareness in everyday life.

Vision:  Creatinging ease through a strong sense of self.



Everything begins with a heart's desire.  I have a desire to bring forth the concept of deeping self-awareness, energy renewal and core-creating in everyday life.  Said in a simpler way I have a desire to highlight the concept of consciously developing depth perception  in order to bring more authenticity and ease along with vibrancy and abundance into everyday life.

I came upon the awareness that I actually had an energy body in a very extraordinary way over 20 years ago. The realization that this energy actually exists and that it affects how I "see" or perceive things and affects what "manifests" or shows up in my life  has caused me to grow in  many different ways.

I hope that you will find my approach for developing deeper self-awareness and the tools and supportive products offered to not only be very useful to you in everyday life, but to be very fun and uplifting as well. 

The basics of authenticity is core-focused renewal.  In order to invigorate yourself   connect with your core conscious / self- awareness/energy awareness on a regular basis.  When you focus on this connection you are actively supporting the natural process of energy renewal by:

  • "Tapping into" the core of your energy body on a daily basis.

  • Dissipating "dense" energetic blocks that have been created by patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer serving you.

  • Making way for increased flow and balance of your energy body inside and out.

It is natural to be self-aware and consciously "tune inward"  and connect with  your energy source. It  gets easier yet more essential to actively maintain your integrity or inner truths and to incorporate them into your daily life.  It is learning by doing and believing by thinking, feeling and seeing  for yourself.



A knowing system of tuning inward

and looking outward.


The Basis of this System:

  • That the flow of life force energy and solid core values go hand in hand.

  • That we come into this life with a "knowing"  at our core, of these values.

  • That the balance and flow of energy determines our own level of health and well-being, 

The Intent of this System:

  • To rediscover the relationship between life force energy and solid core values.

  • To rediscover your true essence.

  • To believe in yourself.

  • To enjoy your uniqueness.

  • To move into who and what you are manifest your destiny.

  • To trust in the unfolding.

  • To support the children in your life to do the same.

The Focus of this System: 

  • To energetically allow  the root of a current question, issue, problem, challenge, or desire to emerge.
  • To support the natural shifting and realigning of your energy body that will occur as a result.
  • To support the conscious awareness of  this shifting, how it is being reflected in your current level of health and well-being, and how it is being manifested in your current reality.

The Components of this System:

  • Back to the Core Within Guidance Cards - Creating space/openings/expansion  (activating responses rather than reactions). This is the "key ingredient" when interrelating with children.  Interrelating with children involves a high level of "response-ability".
  • Back to Basics Guide to Energy Awareness - Creating balance within (activating conscious energy balancing). Working with your body's natural motivation for balance.  Helping you to consciously understand and to become aware of what you already know.
  • Back to the Basics Workbook for Energy Renewal - Developing depth and inner strength (activating the connection to your driving force and your solid foundation).  Use pressure/growth situations to connect with your core values and your core,  in an effort to keep moving forward in your life in a solid way.
  • Back to the Basics Workbook for Core-Creating -Embodying our core as we create (supporting the process of manifesting our heart's desires).  Use desires that come from your heart to manifest the life of your dreams.  The exercises help you to generate the feelings/vibration of joy in relation to your desires and help you recognise the ways in which you are still in resistance to them.

Supported by:

  • Self-Expressions - Exchanging Ideas

  • Videos on the YouTube channel

  • Products in The Inner Beauty Shop

Recommendations to enhance The Core-Focused Renewal System or to create an interest in self-awareness, core consciousness and invigorating your authentic self:
  • Read The Core Perspective - A Still Point Of View to receive a background and an overview (personally written)
  • Play The Core Perspective - Game of Substance to experience the process of tuning inward and looking outward first hand in a fun and strategic way (personally created).
  • Complete the Colour Energy Profile to get a good "snap shot" of how you have been using your energies to date.(created by the Colour Energy Group and available in the Inner Beauty Shop).

OVER & ABOVE providing a framework  to enhance your self-awareness and  health and well-being on many  levels  this system enables you to enhance the connection  to the children in your life through your strong core-centered self  in a very empowering and "freeing" way.


I welcome e-mails to with any of your questions.  I also invite you to post anonymous questions and  receive responses in this Self-Expressions section of the main site.

Yours truly,

Sandra Zaruba, B. Comm., C.I.E.H.



Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.
-Albert Einstein

Stay self-aware & connected to your true nature and allow energetics to let solutions emerge & desires manifest!

Let Core-Focused Renewal heighten all of your senses.  Develop your clear knowing, sensing, seeing, hearing , tasting & smelling abilities.

The Key to Renewal & Self- Mastery:

Develop a Strong Inner Core!

Inner Core Muscles:

transverse abdominus
pelvic floor

Inner Core Energetics:

central channel
energy centers
oval fields

Inner Core Quality:


Inner Core Essence:

(core values)

Inner Core Surroundings:

(Divine Feminine)

Core of the Core:

(pure/core consciousness)


Om (the eighth)





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