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CEPT Tips- Crown & Earth Connection


If you have a high number for the colour violet or the crown energy centre, then it implies that you draw a lot of support from the Higher Powers. The Source energy from above is considered masculine. It is often the case that if you have a high number in the feminine energy centres of indigo, green and orange you are naturally looking for the masculine higher power energy for support. If you are high in the masculine earth energy/root chakra/red colour energy, and seek the support of Source energy of the Earth Mother on a regular basis, then you would be drawing the feminine Earth energies into your space which would provide additional feminine to your balance. This is why I believe that to get the most realistic balance you need to consider your connection to the Base Vortex or the Feminine energy of our Earth Mother.   It is just good to know that a balance of Source energy from above and below is optimal. If your number is high for the Crown, then a focus on drawing support from the Earth Mother is very necessary to maintain balance and long term health and well-being. If your number is low for the Crown then it is good to recognize that you are not drawing much support beyond what you already consciously know. If this continues it creates situations where you are acting from known patterns of behaviour and this energy has a heavy vibration and continues to become more dense over time. Thinking outside of the box or shifting out of your comfort zone as much as possible is necessary to maintain balance and long term health and well-being.

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