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Vibrationally Speaking - 01 March 2013


Not everything that is faced can be changed.  But nothing can be changed until it is faced.
-James Baldwin

Lack of self awareness, going through the motions of life creates dense energy.  Dense energy creates stagnation and disease.  To face yourself, is to know yourself, is to create movement, is to create renewal and wellness.  It truly is a matter of choice whether an individual agrees to look at themselves, take responsibility for their actions and circumstances, or to become a victim and continue to go through the motions, creating more and more dense energy.  

Dense energy is as big a problem as is the over weight issue in the world.  It becomes more and more difficult for the high vibration energy of many infants to feel comfortable around this growing density of our environment.  This is reflected in the growing number of children labelled as ADHD and Autistic children.  Do yourself a great favour as well as doing a create favour for the children in your life and have the courage to face yourself and discover who you truly are.  Create renewal and higher vibration energy for the benefit of all.  There will be less disease and more ease in life!

You are much more beautiful than you "think" you are.  Feel free. 

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